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  • To share in the Redemptive Mission of Jesus Christ

    the Great Teacher and Healer

  • To share in the Redemptive

    Mission of Jesus Christ.

Health Apostolate


Apostolate Description

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega are called to work in different apostolates. One of them being health and nursing.We work in hospitals, dispensaries and health centres in the dioceses we serve. We also do follow ups for the patients who have missed appointments and defaulters, this is usually done by our sisters who are in the guidance and counselling department. We also do community mobilization and sensitization on prevention of infections especially to care givers and the community.We support with infection prevention materials to help prevent the diseases from spreading whenever we can. Below are some of the health facilities we work with:

Christ The Healer;

Christ The Healer community is located in Kakamega diocese in Kenya.The sick bay community is to take care of the sick and weak Sisters in the congregation. They go there for rest and retirement. The sickbay has close to twenty Sisters who are residential and are old and others have chronic conditions that have made them weak and mostly cannot perform their Activities of Daily Living. At times sisters are also admitted there for treatment of minor conditions that does not warrant hospital admission upon recovery they are discharged to their communities.

The congregation has a future plan of making it a full fledge hospital with the aim of making it a diagnostic centre. The facilities have already been constructed. The construction of the hospital was sponsored by Helmut Rottenbacher (Germany) and the Ursuline Sisters. The Sisters contributed also to the project. Without forgetting the community that supported in kind and in person plus material support. The Congregation and we are now as a congregation soliciting funds for purchase of equipments and machines. We Hope by 2020 to have achieved the dream. Well wishers, partners who are willing to support are welcome.