• Sisters of Mary of Kakamega Generalate House Kakamega, Kenya
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  • To share in the Redemptive Mission of Jesus Christ

    the Great Teacher and Healer

  • To share in the Redemptive

    Mission of Jesus Christ.

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Sisters of Mary practice community life through their Charism, common mission, vows, prayer life, sharing everything in common as a prophetic sign of God's Kingdom.

Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (SMK) is a Religious Congregation that was founded with the aim of spreading the Good News and fostering the education of the African women so as to uplift their standards of living in a world where they seemed to be completely marginalized by their male counterparts.

Further than East Africa and generally In Africa the SMK sisters work in hospitals and dispensaries; run elementary, secondary and vocation school; provide homes for children who are orphaned, handicapped or have AIDS, and shelter disabled and elderly adults. In the United States SMK Sisters teach children in Catholic schools and adults in faith formation, work as nurses and provide counseling, spiritual guidance and ministerial support in the parishes they serve

Nature of the institute

The sisters are called by God to witness to consecrated life by sharing in the mission of Christ, in the imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (cf. Lk. 1:38). The Institute is both religious and missionary. Religious in that the sisters profess the evangelical counsels of apostolic obedience, each sister strives to emulate Jesus Christ and follow Him. Through these vows she bounds herself more closely to Jesus Christ. It is also missionary in the sense that we evangelize in the diocese where we are founded and also other dioceses with co-operation with the Local Ordinaries who invite us in their dioceses.For our dressing, we use a religious habit which is simple and modest, grey or white, a white veil and the institute’s medal on a blue cord. We use whatever gifts; spiritual and material gifts that God has given us lovingly and responsibly.

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega express our thanks to Diocesan Administrator Bishop William Skylstad for his support during his months overseeing the Diocese. God Bless you, Bishop Skylstad.

Mark 10: 46-52