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  • To share in the Redemptive Mission of Jesus Christ

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  • To share in the Redemptive

    Mission of Jesus Christ.


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Sisters of Mary of Kakamega
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In Kenya we have several communities located in different parts of the country. Some of these communities are listed below.

Kakamega Diocese

This is where we have our headquarters. Here we have the Mukumu Complex which houses:
Mother House Community; This is the place that received the first missioners in the early 1900's.The Ursuline sisters started the congregation of The Sisters of Mary here hence it carries most of our history. It houses up to thirty sisters who do evangelisim, teaching, nursing, catechism and social work. The sisters also work with around 300 children who are HIV+ where they support them through a feeding program. The house also hosts several activities for the sisters like retreats, seminars, workshops, celebrations and many other gatherings.

Generalate House;This is the administrative house of the Congregation, where all administrative activities are carried out.The Superior General and the council Members reside here. Since it was built in the 1930's it has delapitated and hence it needs a complete overhaul to come up with a real administrative place.Though it is more of a residential house that can be used as a scholarsticate for ongoing formation for the junior Sisters.

Christ The Healer;The sick bay community is used to take care of the sick and weak Sisters in the congregation. They go there for rest and retirement. The sickbay has close to twenty Sisters who are residential and have chronic conditions that have made them week and mostly cannot perform there Activities of Daily Living. Read More

Star of the sea;The sick sisters who stabilize at the sick bay are referred to star of the sea for their residence. This category have chronic illnesses but can perform the activities of daily living. Old aged sisters who are afraid to be at the sickbay prefer to settle at the star of the sea. The place needs renovation because since the Ursuline sisters constructed the place it has never been renovated. The place needs renovation for comfort of the old Sisters.

Bishops Residence Community;This community is within the Bishops residence and the sisters serve there in different capacity. One Sister is a secretary to the Bishops and others provide catering services.