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  • To share in the Redemptive Mission of Jesus Christ

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  • To share in the Redemptive

    Mission of Jesus Christ.


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Sisters of Mary of Kakamega
Tonj Rumbek P.O. Box , South Sudan - East Africa

Phone : +254 705 945117

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South Sudan

We are located in Tonj Rumbek Diocese in South Sudan. Here we carry out different apostolates.In education we teach and carry out administrative duties of a school built by the Selesian Fathers in the diocese. Here, many indigenous Sudanese children are able to acquire basic education with the materials provided by the Selesian Fathers. Though there are security risks and other challenges we are dedicated to serve The Lord through this children.

In health, our sisters work in a leprosy centre. They coordinates the program ensuring patients with leprosy, TB and HIV are taken care of in term of treatment and care. The sisters offer guidance and counseling, health education, follow up of patients who have missed appointments and defaulters.They also do community mobilization and sensitization on prevention of this infections especially to care givers and the community. They also provide infection prevention materials to the care takers whenever they can to help prevent the spread of the diseases.

In Social Ministry, one of our sister works with women, youth and other vurnerable members of the community. She trains them in life skills like good grooming, family counseling, catechizes and helps them form small christian communities.She also teaches them vocational skills and income generating activities like making locally made items for sale for their life and sustainability.In the SCC she enourages them to have Biblical reflection in order to strengthen their faith and encourage each other in their Christian Faith. The sisters also visit those in camps to encourage the people living there and encourages them to take the children to school.She also teaches the people on dangers of early preganancies, early marriages and FGM.