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  • To share in the Redemptive

    Mission of Jesus Christ.


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Sisters of Mary of Kakamega
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We have several Communities in Uganda in differnt Dioceses


  • SALALIRA COMMUNITY;Here we have a health Centre which caters for the health needs of the people within the vicinity and it’s a marginalized area that is hard to reach because it is Swampy.We have a donor funder by name Erick and Son a Canadian who works closely with his son, Wife and Friends have built the facility for Staff houses and the hospital that has Maternity, OPD and in patient wards.Through this facility guiding and counseling is given to poor families. Health messages are given to clients including nutrition counseling, Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Pneumonia amongst others.

    We have a school that runs from ECD to class seven by the name St Joseph Orphanage which is a school for the poor.The facility was constructed by the same donor Erick’s Family and Friends.We hope to get other donors either through Erick Donors or others to support since with the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Uganda the community has Many Orphans who need support.The two facility Lies together with our convent where the sisters leave being on the Sisters land. We would wish to get well wishers who can help the sisters construct a secondary school and a technical/vocational school and further expansion of the primary school.Farming is also being done. The produce from the farm helps to support the Sisters. The Congregation hopes to empower more Sisters in agricultural skills so that the Sisters working there can be efficient and effective.

  • BUDADIRI COMMUNITY;The Sisters staying there coordinate learning activities for two schools one for boys and the other for Girls running from ECD to primary 7.It is a mountainous place that has high catchment of pupils who used to walk for long distances. Both schools have boarding section. The same place also has a Girls secondary school managed by our Sisters it runs from form one to form six. Most children go through this system have been a successful in the community. The Sisters evangelize even beyond the school where they do guidance and counseling of the youth.

  • NYONDO COMMUNITY.;This is the first and original place where the First community was started. It is the Mother house for Uganda. There is a formation house for Novitiate where the Novices are found. Also there is a primary school where the Sisters Evangelize through Catechisms, guidance and counseling. We have a hostel for Girls that is in the land of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega and there is a dispensary where some of our sisters work.


  • KAABONGO COMMUNITY;It has a big Girls Boarding school which has ECD to P7 where the Sisters Evangelize. We do also have a hospital that is being run by the sisters working there. This facility serves amongst the pastoralists and there is no other Health Facility to serve the sick around.There is also ministry of social work where the Sisters work with women Groups, PMC, Junior Legionaries amongst others.


  • Namungongo St. Pauls Memorial;